1. Always honest

The year and mileage of the used cars on websites like carfinderph.com and sulit.com.ph are quite ambiguous.
Additionally, cars purchased on the used car market in the Philippines often have oil leaks or have had the meters tampered with, but it is our policy to always be honest with our customers.

-We provide the vehicle inspection certificate from Japan (mileage is included on the VIC).
-There are not many gravel roads in Japan like there are in the Philippines, so the suspension and other parts are in good shape.
-In Japan there is a vehicle inspection system in place, so cars are well-maintained.
-Cars that have been in accidents are not machined like they are in the Philippines but repaired with genuine parts, parts made by other companies, used parts or rebuilt parts.
-It is illegal in Japan to tamper with meters (the punishment is quite severe).
-The auction system assures high quality and reliability.

2. Car parts can be procured at low prices

Repair parts for the models we purchase can be procured at low prices for low cost repairs.

-We can procure all kinds of car parts from Japan.
-We can purchase wheels and electrical parts at extremely low prices.
-The parts arrive in five days or so by air or one to two months by ship (door-to-door).

3. Facebook notification

When the product arrives at the port in the Philippines, we upload a photograph to Facebook and notify the purchaser.

4. Payments are made in two installments

75% is paid up front when the vehicle is exported from Japan, and the remaining 25% is paid upon arrival in the Philippines.

5. Quality is number one

Those concerned about the quality of handle conversion can check it out at our showroom in the Philippines.


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