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If you are looking for quality vehicle inspections, AIS with over 27 years experience offers a comprehensive, reliable vehicle condition report giving you peace of mind when purchasing vehicles in Japan. Most of vehicles display AIS inspection report on this Used Car Philippine.

• A dedicated team of 180 comprehensively trained inspectors permanently located throughout Japan.

• Experience of more than 5 million vehicles inspected.

• Full ISO 9001 Accreditation.

• 12 branches throughout Japan.

• Owned by Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Subaru and Aucnet.

What does AIS do?

AIS inspects and evaluates automobiles and motorcycles. The company also trains and educates inspectors and its 180 inspectors are responsible for the inspection of some 500,000 vehicles annually. AIS runs special training courses for many motor vehicle industry leaders in Japan including Lexus, BMW and other manufactures.

How does AIS maintain standards?

Every AIS inspector receives comprehensive training. Further follow-up training programmes have been implemented which ensure all inspectors are up to speed with the latest developments and inspection techniques. To motivate and encourage excellence, a nationwide competition is held annually to reward outstanding achievement in the industry. AIS also uses an electronic pen base inspection computer developed in-house to ensure every inspection is forced to follow the set-out/establish inspection process. Furthermore, since all inspection information is collected electronically individual inspection performance can be measured and corrected if necessary to maintain a high and consistent inspection standard. 

About AIS

More than 300 Points Check List

Professional inspectors thoroughly inspect each vehicle based on a checklist with more than 300 points, such as the vehicle’s accident history. Aucnet users handheld device called Pen Base Computer to facilitate stringent, fair vehicle inspections. The inspectors provide inspection grading not only by referring to the vehicle’s condition on the schematic diagram display on the monitor. The final inspection grading is crucial to assessing the value of used vehicles.

About AIS

Nationwide 180 Inspectors

Aucnet established AIS in 1996 as a company specializing in vehicle inspections. Its 180 inspectors nationwide rigorously inspect each and every vehicle and provide fair, unbiased assessments of the vehicle’s condition from a third party perspective.

Unified inspection standards in collaboration with five manufacture-affiliated used car companies

AIS successfully unified inspection standards in collaboration with five manufacture-affiliated used car companies to enhance confidence in used car trading. We are committed to future enhancing buyer confidence in the used market under the AIS mark of guarantee, and to urging even more manufactures and used car dealers to adopt the unified inspection standards. AIS is also working to expand recognition among end users of AIS inspection system as a guarantee of confidence backed by rigorous inspections, as well as have it adopted by manufacture’s used car information sites and used car search sites. Placed in the windows of vehicles on display, AIS’s Vehicle Quality Evaluation, which describe the vehicle’s inspection grading and condition, are a high effective tool in seeking to convince buyers of vehicle quality and justify selling price.

Improving and Equalizing Techniques

AIS’s stringent used car quality evaluation standards, backed by a track record that extends back over 25 years and to 6.14 million vehicles inspected, enjoy high acclaim throughout the industry. All vehicle inspectors complete six months of special training before starting on actual inspections, and group training and follow-up training sessions are provided on a regular basis in working to improve our inspection techniques. What in more, AIS also provides the know-how for the unique inspector training that we have created on our own to the managers in charge of automobile dealers in the form of AIS screenings. Skills for correctly assessing the value of used cars, which varies from one vehicle to the next, lead to appropriate purchasing and sales prices and therefore assist retailers in increasing their profits.

Completing the Supervision of the Automobile Fair Trade Council

In October 2010 our Automobile Quality Evaluation System underwent supervision in terms of fulfilling the standards established by items and methods and their operating structure.


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