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Thank you very much for visiting our website. It has been almost 3 years since Digital Studio launched this website which many of you might have visited once or twice before and have also wondered if this site really works or not. Honestly, it has been a tough testing period for us in learning more about the market and the reaction of the initial site users who have registered in our system.

My name is Kogo Yagi, a native Japanese businessman based in Philippines engaged in the export and trading of Japanese used cars, from now on my company, shall head the back-end support and customer-relations pertaining to the services offered in this portal site. We will make sure to review all the inquiries and messages sent to us in the past few months where we were unable to directly respond to some of them. We will try to identify your concerns and needs and respond to your inquiries in a while from now on.

We are proud to say that we have already improved and fixed some internal issues regarding the handling of inquiries and order requests from our clients within our operating side and among our team. From now on, we are confident that we can attend to your order requests and messages in a much more faster and crispy pace by putting behind a highly-motivated Filipino team of customer care-specialists that will be assisting in your business with us.

With this opening letter, I, on behalf of my team and partnership with Digital Studio Co., the provider of the IT backbone of this system, would like to welcome you again in this renewal phase of this website. Our team vows that your needs shall be attended more sharply by our bilingual and trilingual staff, so please do not hesitate to contact us or ask us anything with regards to your purchase needs or anything related to premium used-cars, trucks, vans, and industrial equipment that we may be able to help you out with in our full capacity.

System-wise, this platform offering domestic-market-only-available selection of cars is very innovative since no other Japanese platform system, company or website could present and market these highly-prized selection and most-sought after cars to the foreign buyers to this effect. Our niche and appeal is backed up by the growing number of registered users of this website which we are blessed to have. Moreover, this renewed website is being reviewed and backed-up by a strong customer-oriented team of English-speaking Filipino company which shall represent the services herewith in dealing with all clients outside Japan. You can be guaranteed that your voice will be heard and interpreted perfectly, allowing us to further tailor-fit our services to your needs.

Rest assured that your inquiries will be screened and back-tracked once again and we will try to get back to you as soon. Please allow me to ask you to please resend your inquries/messages once again thru here, if you feel that we might have missed your messages to us before somehow. While this website is mainly targeted to the potential Filipino buyers of quality and premium Japan used-cars, it is also open to any other country for any business. We also ship worldwide and have deep know-how in the car export business towards Myanmar, Africa and Latin Americas. Please do not hesitate to ask us of anything if you think you like any of the cars being offered in this website.

We are eager to hear from you and know how we can be of any service and business to you then.

Thank you very much and Maraming Salamat Po!

Kogo Yagi Blog
CEO, Used Cars Philippines


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