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Essentially, all the cars that you will find in this website are found from our nationwide network of car dealers selling them in the local Japanese car market. They are the real time inventories of these dealers offering them at the same time in their respective channels.

Here, we are offering an alternative and innovative platform wherein foreign buyers can now have a wider selection and look at these usually "unseen" and ignored stocks of many other domestic car dealers who does not actually deal directly with foreigners. In fact, their systems, including their inventories are not always readily searchable and ready for purchase outside Japan because of their lacking of international staff who can deal with foreign languages, especially English, and most importantly, the intricate and complicated cultural differences in business sales and negotiations.

Compared to the environment and quality of the selection of cars in other platforms such as Trade Car View (TCR) where the sellers are mainly choosing cars which would rather sell "easily" outside Japan, our selection is the reflection of the real Japanese local car market scene, because TCR's system motivates sellers naturally to only choose cars to which to invest to resell using their system and platform which most of the time eliminate some very rare and good cars that are then not relfected in their system.

Up until now, there have been limited instances where end-users and buyers from different countries can actually take a look and peek at the this other side of the local market which has been usually reserved for the Japanese audiences. While we admit the fact that because these car dealers are also resellers who buy their inventories from the member-only car dealer internal market, they, of course, add premium value to their line-up which we are then passing to you as an alternative to other channels and sources that you might be looking at right now in buying your dream car. For a premium price, we are offering you a better line-up and a variety of choices to choose from if money is not a big deal for you and you want to save on time on finding the perfect match and fit image of your ideal car which might be already present as it is in the market.

That means while the cars here are currently being resold in the local market, we are acting as the foreign sales marketer and your trusted broker/deputy shopping assistant/agent that will assist in purchasing these cars on your behalf and arrange for all the paperwork and logistics that is currently possible in order to ship cars with the less hassle and worries for our end-users and buyers like you.


Scope of Service Contract and Our Competitive Pricing System

As your car shopping agent based here in Japan, our services shall be limited only to the scope as outlined below. The elements below are also the components of the final price that you are required to pay in order for us to secure your car.

1) Local purchase price of your selected/chosen car

2) Transportation of the car to the nearest port for booking and shipping (Nagoya or Yokohama)

3) Competitive Service and Commission Fee included in the calculated final price shown.
(This is where we make money which depends on the work we will be doing for the type of car you are ordering from our website)

4) FOB Origin/FOB Shipping Point and Freight Collect

The total of the above costs is what makes up the price that you will have to pay via bank transfer to us within business or working days (excluding weekends) in order for us to buy your car and secure the deal.

When you make the bank transfer, please keep the official receipt and draft of the wire transfer and send us a scanned PDF copy of that via email so we can confirm your payment from our end as well. This shall serve as your proof of payment so please do not lose this receipt after making the transfer in your local bank.

The contract shall take effect only once the payment is received. Once it is received, under any circumstance, we will not refund the payment made already to us (So better make sure that you decide carefully before finally pushing thru buying and sending your payment). Cancellation is strictly prohibited but if for some difficult reasons that cancellation by the buyer shall occur after we receive the payment, only 50% of the amount received less transaction fees (inbound and outbound) shall be returned as penalty for non-commitment and cancellation of the contract.

However, there might be some instances that the car is sold locally by the participating dealer and seller in his or her own sales channel before we can confirm receipt of your wired payment. In that case, there are two possible options for us to handle your payment that has been just made and in our account. We can either refund within 14 days the amount less inbound and outbound transaction costs to your bank account again or you may opt to deposit the money on your account with us for another purchase for another model or car of your choice.

After we purchase the car on your behalf, we will be arranging for its shipping to the nearest post of where it shall board the shipping vessel that will carry the car to the Port of Cagayan in the northern Philippines.

Our responsibility and commitment essentially finishes at this point (FOB shipping point/Freight Collect.


Who shall be in charge after the FOB shipping point/Freight Collect as detailed above?

From this point onwards, basically, we will load the car or vehicle to the shipping vessel that shall carry it to your designated port. You can either arrange for a broker or local Customs clearing agent that shall assist you further in importing the car/vehicle in your country.In the case of the Philippines importation side, our official broker, logistics provider and customs clearing agent is Guest Orient International whom we have a competitive partnership agreement.

Because of this, our buyers can enjoy special discounted rates for using their services. We can recommend your purchase to them if you wish to minimize the headache and hassle in the overall process.

For you to have an idea on the overall and total importation costs of a specific vehicle, we have designed a rough calculator that shall give you an estimated idea of the amount that you will have to prepare and budget in order for you to receive your car.

You can find it here: (attach link of the Used Car Export Price Calculator)If you have other connections and other options for you to clear your car within the Port of Cagayan by yourself, then you are free to do so.

However, if you ultimately decide to leave this final part of the work to us thru our local partner and agent, Guest Orient International, then we will have to ask you to pay for the total costs related to the following last portion of the importation process to our bank account in Japan once again.

1) Unloading from the vessel and handling (including the parking fees needed to clear the car within the time frame of 2 months within the Port of Cagayan)

2) Customs clearance and Tax-related fees

3) Conversion fee (If needed only, from right-hand drive to left-hand drive)

4) LTO Testing, Registration and Plate Number Fees

5) Delivery of the car for pickup in the showroom of Guest Orient International in Bataan.


Site/Page Disclaimer

All pictures of the cars here are properties of their respective owners. There is no copyright infringement intended and we reserve the right to share free information of beautiful cars out there to all car enthusiasts and lovers. We are your car "curators" and bridge to Japan. The rights of the offerings and contents here belong to their respective sources unless otherwise specified or implicitly stated in other ways.

For more information , Please read Faq page.


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