Why Used Cars Japan ?

Q: How is your website different from the others there in the market and web?

A: Well, basically we strongly focus on quality customer relationships and hope to build deep, lasting and repeat business relationships with all of our clients and partners in this endeavor. While we can not serve everybody else in the economic world, we are confident that there is a niche and a need for the type of service that we promise and guarantee here. We are happy to have close and tight-knit relations with all the people involved in our supply-chain system.

In addition, we are proud to say that other websites or portals, does not really represent the local Japan auto 2nd-hand market scene to the whole world. The current dilemma is that, other platforms are instrinsically bent towards the best interests and profits of the makers and operators of such websites while really not addressing the core problem in this business which is proper communication between clients and the servicing company. Moreover, the system is biased towards the selection of “popular” and “cheap” cars only without the focus for the premium brand and the higher-end of the local Japanese used-cars market.


Purchase Flow and Process:

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Once you have chosen your vehicle and confirmed your options in the drop-down menus provided, you can proceed to click thru the buy it now button and finish until the order is complete. After this receiving this order information from you, we will contact the respective car dealers as soon as we can to confirm the availability of the vehicle. If the vehicle is available, we will send you a proforma (PDF format) invoice and the contract of sale via email for your confirmation and final consideration.

If you agree and decide to buy the car, you will have to email back the scanned contract with your details in PDF format and then you can proceed to the bank transfer of the payment. The contract takes effect once the signed contract by both parties is returned to us and that the payment is confirmed and received by us.

Q: Can I order by phone?

A: Of course, we can always seal the deal over the phone but for efficiency purposes and ease of communications we always prefer everything to be recorded in written email for both of our records. Basically, once we establish a good foundation for conversation about your inquiry or order, we can always call you from our end to finalize details and relay other things on the phone.

Q: Can I see the cars?

A: As you may already know from our explanation previously with regards to what this whole website is all about, you should understand that the cars offered here are currently in the hands of our respective car dealer sources nationwide in Japan. So please do not ask us where can we see the cars in Manila or in the Philippines. All the cars are located in Japan.

Q: Can I buy left hand drive cars?

A: Yes, of course, our system carries more than 1,000 vehicles in stock, including left-hand drive cars.

Q: How do I secure a vehicle?

A: As soon as you have transferred your payment, please fax or email us a copy of your invoice (in PDF format) and the bank receipt along with the signed contract of sale, and we will secure the vehicle for you.

Q: Can I order spare parts?

A: Yes, we can offer spare parts, too. We can outsource everything you need from our extensive nationwide network of car dealers and parts suppliers. Please consult with us directly about this.



Q: What is included in the car price shown here ?

A: This pricing term indicates that the cost of the car/vehicle, including all transportation and insurance costs from the manufacturer to the port of departure, as well as the costs of loading into the ship vessel are already included in the quoted price.

Generally, the contract of sale here is determined as follows: FOB Origin/FOB Shipping Point and Freight Collect

This means that the buyer has to bear all costs and risks of loss and/or damage to the car/vehicle from that point. In FOB Origin or FOB Shipping Point, the buyer assumes title and control of the goods the moment the carrier or ship vessel signs the bill of lading. The Buyer assumes risk of transportation and is entitled to route the shipment. The Buyer is responsible for filing claims for loss or damage in the event of such.

Q: When should I pay?

A: After you have ordered and checked-out the car in our system and as soon as we have confirmed the availability of the car/vehicle and sent you the PDF proforma invoice via email, you will be ask to proceed to do the wire transfer to our bank account in Japan.

Our stock/s will be sold upon "first come, first serve" basis - upon your full payment and submission of the contract of sale, we will secure the vehicle for you.

Q: What is the payment method?

A: Currently, we only offer wire/bank transfer or Telegraphic Transfer (T.T. or Bank Remittance) - This is the only method available. It normally takes 2 to 5 business days for us to receive your payment. All transaction-related fees shall be essentially borne by the buyer and not to be deducted from the final amount that we will receive in effect after the transfer is made.

Q: Do you accept payment by credit card or check?

A: We are very sorry, we do not accept payment methods other than telegraphic transfer at this time, but hopefully in the near future.


Q: I heard that the Port of Cagayan or Port Irene is closed again, why are you still operating this website to ship cars and vehicles to the Philippines?

A: Oh yes, this has been an on and off situation with the importation of used-cars from Japan over the past 10 years. For the veterans in the business and industry like us, this is something like a weather or temporary disruption in the trade of used-cars and vehicles between Japan and the Philippines.

And yes, we do not just solely ship to the Philippines strictly-speaking, we are selling and shipping to anywhere in the whole wide world, as long as there are buyers that we can satisfy with our premium services, we are in business.

Although, it is always usually dependent on varying factors, like local politics and the Supreme Court ruling on lifting the temporary ban on the importation of passenger cars thru the Port of Cagayan, we are confident that it will open eventually somehow in one way or another. Honestly, it is not helping both countries if further trade restrictions are put and implemented in the long-run because the micro economic benefits of the Philippine consumer market will be suffering from the lack of supply of quality and economical used-cars in the country.

Whether there is ban or or not, we are still continuing in the sale and trade of car and vehicles with any other country in the whole world, not just, limited to exporting to the Philippines. However, we would like to say that we take pride that we have the strongest and most reliable connections in all phases regarding the purchase, transportation, clearance, conversion and delivery of these cars/vehicles in the Philippines as it is. It shall only be the temporary ban that shall be the factor whether we can ship the passenger car to the Philippine soil. We can always buy cars on your behalf and stock them in our lots and yards and get them ready for exports once the ban is lifted once again.

As of today, March 2014, unfortunately, the temporary ban is still in place and we do not know when it will be lifted or not but we are expecting the Supreme court ruling or decision to be out anytime soon.

For your information, only passenger cars are being banned from imports thru the port of Irene in Cagayan. The trade and imports of used-industrial vehicles (trucks, buses, tractors, construction and mining equipment) is still on-going thru the Port of Subic in Zambales all-year round.

Q: How long does the whole shipment take?

A: The average period that it will take to send the car/vehicle to your port, is about 2-3 months after confirmation of your payment. Honestly, it depends on the cut-off dates of the scheduled shipping vessels every month and other factors pertaining to clearing the vehicle for export. In some inevitable circumstances, there might be some delays. In those cases, as soon as we receive information of possible delays, we will inform you as soon as we can via email.

In addition to your estimates, please also take into consideration that there is also a window period of 1-2 months for your local broker to process and release the car within your port's facilities for registration, conversion, testing and tax-clearance processes.

All in all, it is good to have an allowance of around 3-5 months before you can finally drive your car. However it can also be faster than this fair estimate or might be subject to other delays as well.

Q: When can I pick up my car at the port? (Please coordinate with your local broker or clearing agent.)

A: Please contact your chosen clearing agent and confirm the exact arrival date of the vessel and the ideal pick up date after all the post-clearance purposes are done with regards to your vehicle. Please note that it may cause extra charges, such as storage or parking fees, in case you delay picking up your car as soon as it is released and gets ready for pick up or delivery.

This website's official broker and clearing agent is Guest Orient International, we can recommend you to their services for overall ease of transaction.

Q: How do I know the shipping information of my vehicle?

A: As soon as your vehicle has been booked for shipment, we will inform you of the shipping details via email with the estimated time of departure and estimated time of arrival to your port.

Q: When will I receive my shipping documents?

A: Once the vessel carrying your vehicle has departed from the port, all the necessary documents will be sent to the address mentioned in your order form or the address you request us to send to. Please make sure to inform us of your complete postal address and contact information prior to shipment including telephone numbers.

Q: What kind of documents will I receive and need to pick up my car?

A: We will send you following documents by courier when the vessel has departed:

  1. Bill of Lading (B/L)

  2. Export Certificate

  3. Invoice

  4. Other documentation as needed.


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