Townace Truck TOYOTA Townace Truck 2008


This car is NOT located in the Philippines. In order to purchase, Please ask about total price.

Delivery FAQ The date of delivery : Approximately Sep 2, 2020

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□スムーサー12速 3ペダル□380馬力・ICターボ□東プレXZ92LSE-K/K□-30℃設定2時間で-11.5℃迄確認□スタンバイモーター付□ラッシング3段・750mmステン工具箱

Basic Information

Mileage 750000Km Year 2012 Location Osaka
Mission Person Engine Size
Door Drive Color ホワイトホワイトホワイト
Body Number ***** Handle Body Track
Engine Diesel Grade 冷蔵冷凍車    


Power Steering Power Window Back monitor Aircon Keyless Smartkey
Bench Sheet Line Sheet Walk Free Power Sheet Sheet Aircon Sheet Heater
Obstacle Sensors ABS ECS Stolen Protection Air Bag Camera
SunRoof Aero Wheel Low Down Lift Option Cruise control

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