Wanted Affiliate Partners !

The site, which sells high-quality secondhand business vehicles from Japan, is currently seeking partner sites to join its affiliate program.

What the Affiliate Program Is
In this affiliate program, our company provides banner and text advertisements for the purpose of secondhand car, to be appended as links to websites and online mailing lists operated by our partners. Once a visitor clicks on the link and signs up as a member on our website, you will receive a referral rate (commission) of 50 yen per registration.

Affiliate Program is provided and managed By Discovery Japan Service

Just by attaching a link, building a page, or anything else you can come up with, you can connect with a chance to get referral money.
You will receive the referral rate (commission) if you sign up yourself, as well.

We believe that visitor referrals and your personal use could play a valuable part in building a site where you can earn money easily and conveniently.

Sample Banner

Conditions for Joining the Program

  1. Individual website operators, corporations, and other organizations which our company recognizes
  2. Fulfillment of the following conditions is a requirement.
    Must not infringe on the copyrights of others, or the intellectual property rights of trademark holders.
    Must not violate the law or commit transgressions against public decency.
    Must not slander others, or other defamatory acts to harm the reputations of others. Must not express prejudicial ideologies.
    Must not use discriminatory or violent expressions
    Must not express obscenity (via movies, pictures, sounds and any other means).
    Must not contain links to websites which violate any of the conduct policies listed above.
    Must fulfill each affiliate’s ASP registration standards.

※ Whether or not a site is covered by the above conditions will depend on the evaluation standards of our company.

Steps to Joining the Program

1.After the standard application, there is a simple inspection.
2. After the confirmation email, log in to the management screen.
3. Copy the link code for the banner and text ads.
4. Paste the link to your website.

There is no fee to join the affiliated program.

Affiliate Examples

1. Publish an affiliate banner on Facebook
2. Publish an affiliate article to a blog, post a link

Affiliate Program is provided and managed By Discovery Japan Service


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