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Why choose us

  • No Capital Needed
  • No Inventory Cost
  • Thousand of Trucks and Vehicles
  • Up to 90% cheaper compare to market price
  • Only Resellers can see price
  • Free banners for your Business
  • Have your own markup prices
  • High quality products guaranteed
  • Free download of photos

Reselling used commercial vehicles

Having your own business can be an easy thing at JapaneseUsedCars.com.ph. You can purchase our used vehicles in a discount rate for online and offline selling , but if you have little or even without capitale we have drop shipping service.

Reselling Tip : Simply copy and post our photo to your facebook or website or marketplace website and if someone order and pay that's the time you order from us and we will do deliver for you.

You just do promote our vehicles on your website,
We just do import car process and administrate import vehicles instead of you.


How can I see the reseller price for each vehicle ?
To view the reseller price in our website you need to became a reseller of Japanese Used Cars PH.

How to became our reseller ?
Became a Japanese Used Cars PH with 3 simple steps

1 Register and account in our website.
2 After registration, Please email us ( name, email , address, how to sell )
3 Approve your account
4. Find customer
5 submit estimate document to your cliet

Please wait within 24 hours after emailing the requirements s that we could approve your account t reseller account.

Reseller Terms and Conditions

  • Japanese Used Cars PH will not be held responsible whatever transactions our reseller have with their buyers.
  • Japanese Used Cars PH will never contract the client’s of our reseller.All communications will only be with reseller .
  • Japanese Used Cars PH allow reseller to use the product photos in our website.
  • Japanese Used Cars PH allow reseller to markup the original price against our website original price. Reseller’s profit is between our wholesale price and reseller’s markup price gap.
  • Reseller must notice the final price that contains 1.vehicle price, 2.marine shipping price .

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